The Farquhar Laboratory has now been moved out of the shed and back into the  main Robertson Building for a couple of years!  The ripples of perturbation have been attenuated but some small disturbances remain.  The picture below thus represents the team when we left the shed.

Left to right: Victoria, Hil, Ross, Matthew, Florian, The Boss, Meisha, Camille, Diego and Chin.  Photo taken on the occasion of Graham winning the Kyoto Award in 2017.

To find us you will need to come into the Research School of Biology, Robertson Building.  We are on the first floor at the west side, with rooms labelled in the American fashion.  While access to the building atrium is open, you will need to be allowed through the locked doors into our corridor.  That is probably most easily achieved by phoning Hilary on 6125 2099, or Graham on 6125 3743 and we’ll come to get you!  The good news is that the coffee shop is now open most of the time in the mornings and early afternoon.

For general enquiries please email

For questions about specific topics, please consult the People links to the left or Equipment tags in the menu above.

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