Duncan Fitzpatrick

Me when I was much younger – I’ve mostly grown out of my irrational fear of cereal crops … Photo by Elena Martin-Avila



I’ve just returned to Australia from Finland and started work in the Farquhar Lab at the beginning of March. I am not new to RSB as I got my PhD here several years ago.

At the moment I’m still trying to choose from the many possible research fields that I could get my teeth into. When I was here before I worked almost entirely on chloroplasts and photosystem II but my sojourn in Finland has somewhat broadened my view, and given that the Farquhar Lab tends to work on plants at a larger scale, I may be forced to recognise that chloroplasts actually exist inside organisms. šŸ˜‰

I’ve made good steps toward restarting the Thermo Delta mass spec which I used to employ frequently but has been out of operation for the last couple of years. Once that is up and stable I’ll start testing the membrane inlet system and take it from there.

But I’ll need a pretty big cuvette for whole plants …


Duncan has now moved on to work for the government. At last count he was examining effects of petroleum exploration on shallow marine organisms.

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