Eloise Tredenick

Eloise Tredenick

Research interests

My research interests are in mathematical modelling and complex systems of plant cuticles including diffusion and droplet evaporation of agrochemicals with water. 

My skills complement the work that Diego is doing, using two portable photosystems to examine the nature and isotopic composition of water from both sides of a leaf simultaneously. How do cuticles fractionate the water that passes through them? Does water vapour inside the leaf mix so thoroughly that what emerges from the two sides of the leaf must be the same? Does some of the water transport in the vapour phase rather than as liquid?

2022: Eloise and her partner have moved to the Department of Engineering Science at Oxford University. In July 2021 Eloise started working on mathematical modelling of graded battery electrodes with Prof Stephen Duncan.

Her email address is now eloise.tredenick@eng.ox.ac.uk

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