Hannah Drieberg Wilkins

Hannah came to us as a Research Officer fresh from her undergraduate studies. Sadly she was not with us for very long but in that time she contributed greatly to the group, in the field, the lab and the office. Not least of her achievements was to make me tidy up the labs. We are still benefiting from that effort!

Hannah was supposed eventually to head north to Queensland but instead went to the antipodes in 2019 (if you are in Australia then northwestern Europe is the antipodes) and pursued a life of leisure and barn refurbishment. Hannah likes food. Especially it seems wine and cheese. Fortunately she balances that against a love of exercise and taught aerobics whilst at ANU.

Now in 2022 she is Hannah is working towards her PhD with Christine Beveridge at The University of Queensland. A place she picked because it was warmer than Canberra, and closer to the ocean. She is investigating the role that sugars and hormones play in regulating bud dormancy and the branching network in plants. She seems also to be continuing her research into living life to the full!

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