Mass spectrometry

Mass spec status

29th August 2017

Both Isoprime mass spectrometers are functional.  Isoprime 1 is linked to the EA1100 is and performing standard analyses: d15N, d13C, %N and %C.  Isoprime 2 (Isoprime 100) is connected to the GC-C interface and has problems.  We think that the mass spectrometer is fully functional but the system is reporting an autosampler error and waits indefinitely for the inlet (Agilent 7890).  The 7890 is NOT reporting an error so we think that the problem is probably in software at the Isoprime end.

There is a back log of about three weeks of samples waiting to run through Isoprime 1.

Next Monday night the whole lab must be shut down for work at the local electrical substation.

A further electrical shut down is planned for about a week after that, to do with connecting to the new building.

We anticipate a shut down of a couple of weeks in February when we move to the laboratory in the new building.





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