Meisha-Marika Holloway-Phillips

phone +41 (0)61 207 35 18  (Yup – in Switzerland)

As you can see – I love what I do!

I graduated from U Tas in 2006 in Agricultural Science and then moved to Tim Brodribb’s lab to study for a PhD in irrigation efficiency and dairy pastures.  In 2012 I moved to RSB, in ANU, and worked with Adrienne Nicotra on plasticity in biomass allocation in wheat.  From there I came to the Farquhar lab (co-supervised by Margaret Barbour, U Sydney) and have researched a variety of topics around water and gas transport in leaves, applying isotopic methods to help with a fundamental understanding of the physiological processes.  In the last couple of years I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to get the best out of our mass spectrometer and laser systems when examining plant gas exchange.

I’m super-keen on the research that I do and am always ready to talk to other people about it and try to sort out their problems!!


Meisha has now moved on to the lab of Ansgar Kahmen at the University of Basel in Switzerland.  She can be reached at  Meisha-Marika Holloway-Phillips

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