Hil’s Day-to Day

I thought that I might maintain so that people will know what I’m doing and where I’m doing it!

10th September 2020

I’m working on a program to simulation vapour diffusion inside the mesophyll space of a leaf.  It’s now lunchtime and I have a cubic leaf with cubic mesophyll.  Note the cute stomata through the impermeable barrier to the air at the right!  The image mirrors a 1 million unit array that underlies it.

17th September 2020

Well, work continues. The diffusion program has progressed to the point where it diffuses. Now I need to add in temperature dependence on diffusion and vapour pressure etc. I have also been working on improvements to the laser program running in Michigan. It has become a high priority to get the new system going for the extraction of water from soil and wood etc, to feed the Picarro. The old Picarro has come back to life! We cleaned the pre-laser filter and put new pumps on. For the moment it is producing good numbers.

Stomata at the right diffuse 99% humidity inside the leaf into 40% outside. In effect the green band is a boundary layer. Several bugs jump out at me! For example the lowest stoma (bottom-right) is blocked by a thin permeability barrier which my diffusion algorithm is jumping over. There are over a million cells to compute on each pass so this simulation took about 15 hours on an older workstation. Despite my code optimisation …

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